27 April 15:09

In this article we consider legal responses to four possible problem scenarios US-based startups could encounter when working with software engineers based in Ukraine.

The legal research has been conducted with technical and information support from a Boston-based software company - Webinerds inc. Webinerds  inc

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25 April 18:42

Our Legal company has become a partner of the charity project. The Company will provide a legal assistance for temporary migrants from the occupied Donetsk region.

Vyacheslav Kuchmenko, who is a representative of our firm in this matter, has noticed that the company is going to legally assist migrants in social, property and employment questions.

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12 September 18:17

Our company has assisted PFSOFT opening its branch in Poland.

Our lawyers assisted in providing a transfer of employees from Ukraine to Poland.

The company focused on incorporation the legal entity, obtaining work permits and work visas for the employees, and advising on the most suitable tax solution.

We continue providing tax, legal and business assistance to our client in the Republic of Poland and the EU.

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10 September 18:27

We have assisted our client in the purchasing of shares of an US C-corporation. Our lawyers provided an effective due diligence and advised on a deal structuring. The Client is a holder of several licenses in commodities exchanges in South-African countries.

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26 August 18:37

Our firm has rendered legal support to the first startup project in Ukraine that provides access to e-trading in agriculture commodities. We assist our client in raising investments from USA.

Lawrange advised on a legal solution, which allows farmers sell their agricultural products directly to purchasers without expensive intermediaries.


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15 August 18:42

Our experts have assisted Branto, high technology startup from Ukraine, on a proper strategy and mechanisms for raising capital. We developed a legal solution, which allowed raising investments from USA markets.

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01 August 18:41

Our team successfully protected UkrSWIFT Association against a lawsuit in Ukraine. The court delivered its judgement in favor of our client.

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