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Business protection

Lawrange Law Firm unites lawyers, attorneys and tax consultants with a narrow specialization in protecting the interests of legal entities and individuals in disputes with tax authorities

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Opening a company abroad

Our consultants have over 10 years of experience in registering and servicing foreign companies (EU, Asia, offshore / onshore zones, USA), opening bank accounts around the world, building a tax model for international business.

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Subscription legal services

The name of service means that lawyers will provide comprehensive legal support to businesses, including advice on all issues. Subscription legal services help entrepreneurs reduce overall risks and avoid problems with the law.

Legal outsourcing has become widespread in all areas of business. Companies and organizations interested in increasing turnover and profits use one-time services of freelance lawyers, as well as enter into subscription service contracts. The second option is more effective, as specialists will be able to fully immerse themselves in the client’s business processes.


Legal services for business

The core business of the law firm Lawrange is legal services for business. The activities of legal entities are associated with a large number of nuances of the law that require mandatory compliance. Paying taxes, hiring and firing employees, interacting with contractors, working in foreign markets: these areas require a professional approach. Using the services of lawyers, entrepreneurs will be able to focus on business without dealing with legal issues and formalities.


The cost of legal services for business

The price for the work consists of a fixed cost of specific services, as well as allowances, the amount of which depends on the complexity of the tasks. Advantages of legal services from the law firm Lawrange:

  • free consultations and documents primary review;
  • advance payment scheme;
  • affordable prices.


Post-payment is provided for a number of services. For example, after the completion of the debt collection lawsuit, the client pays upon receipt of funds from the defendant. This form of cooperation is a priority for some business representatives. The lawyer provides subscriber service strictly in accordance with his specialization.


What services are available for business

Legal services for organizations cover all areas and issues of a legal nature. The work of a successful company is a coordinated mechanism, and the task of lawyers is to ensure that this mechanism works smoothly. List of services:

  • judicial representation – representation of the client’s interests in all court instances;
  • tax planning (including international);
  • execution of agreements;
  • inspection of contractors;
  • legal support of investment projects;
  • drafting documents – contracts, statutes, presentations, business letters;
  • work with the state order – full support, including the organization of participation in tenders;
  • opening of representative offices and branches of a legal entity – including in the territory of a foreign state;
  • resolution of disputes in the pre-trial procedure – legal support of the company in resolving issues in the claims procedure;
  • participation in inspections carried out by state bodies, as well as legal appeal of their results;
  • offshore, onshore, midshore and everything related to them;
  • work in the direction of labor legislation;
  • bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganization of the enterprise.


Comprehensive legal support of business helps entrepreneurs to properly exercise their legal rights in resolving issues related to their activities. Lawrange’s association of lawyers, attorneys and tax advisors is a reliable partner that promotes the client’s business.


What issues does a business lawyer help to solve?

Lawyers deal with complex issues that entrepreneurs face. Some of the areas of work of the specialist:

  • settlement of disputes with tax authorities;
  • issuance of permits – legal business services for fully transparent and legal activities;
  • criminal legislation – tax crimes, money laundering (legalization), financing of banned organizations and individuals;
  • pre-trial dispute resolution – legal support of the company in relations with business partners;
  • debt collection at all stages, including litigation.

The activity of a lawyer is not limited to these areas. Consistent resolution of problems that the client faces (or may face) is the main goal of the specialist. Legal services for small businesses are aimed at its growth and increase customer profits.


Which is better: hire a lawyer or sign a contract with a company?

For a business (small, medium or large), outsourcing is a more profitable solution in terms of subscription legal services. You need to sign a contract with a full-time lawyer with a guarantee of a full social package.

When receiving a salary, the employee subsequently loses the motivation that the employer must constantly maintain. By concluding an agreement with Lawrange, the client gets rid of these inconveniences by using quality legal services.


How to use legal services

It is enough to contact us through the feedback form, by e-mail or by phone numbers. All information is available in the “Contacts” section. Business representatives can also visit our office. Subscription legal services, the price of which is negotiated in advance, are available for long periods.



Legal support of the firm is a set of services aimed at helping entrepreneurs in resolving legal issues. Legislation is constantly changing, so it is necessary to know its latest initiatives to prevent violations.

Large fines, as well as losses incurred by the company for violations, are incomparable with the cost of services of specialists – lawyers and attorneys. By entrusting your business to us, you make the right choice. Contact us in any way and get a free consultation on your question or problem.



What issues does a business lawyer help solve?

The lawyer will help to resolve issues related to inspections of government agencies, criminal prosecution, debt collection, obtaining permits. The specialist will also protect the client’s interests in court.


Which is better: hire a lawyer or sign a contract with a company?

Practice has shown that working under a contract with a company is much more convenient and profitable than hiring one or more lawyers in the state.


How to use legal services?

Just contact us by phone or mail to get a free consultation on your issue.

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