Among all the offshores, Curacao stands apart – a miniature state formation near Venezuela, which is subordinate to the Netherlands. This jurisdiction is the most popular place for gambling business, bookmakers and a number of other popular types of commerce. It is worth considering what the registration of a company in Curacao will give and who it will suit.



How much does it cost to register a company in Curacao?


The cost of opening a company in Curacao from Lawrange is 23,599 euros. The price includes full legal support and execution of all necessary documentation:


  • obtaining an international license from Curacao;
  • obtaining a gambling sublicense;
  • payment of license fees;
  • rent of domains and hosting in the jurisdiction;
  • opening a bank account.

Based on the results of service at Lawrange, you receive an international Curacao license, which is recognized in all developed jurisdictions. Based on the specified documentation, you will be able to run a gambling business almost anywhere in the world.


Processing time – from 45 to 90 business days. The duration depends on the workload of the registration authority and the need to obtain a sublicense.



Features of opening a company in Curacao


Registering a company in Curacao is the best solution for gambling and betting organizations. Online casinos, betting shops, capper organizations – all of these types of institutions prefer to choose Curacao, since this region is specially created for offshore gambling business.


The most favorable organizational and legal form is Naamloze Vennootschap, which is considered an analogue of Ltd (LLC). In this form, an organization can obtain a general license – the right to conduct a gambling business and at the same time issue sublicenses to other persons. You can also issue a standard license, without sublicensing.


Despite its prestige and popularity, the Curacao license does not provide official grounds for running a gambling business in the USA, England, Australia and France. However, in fact, these prohibitions do not apply – the presence of a license automatically opens the door to global gambling (experienced firms are able to bypass restrictions).


In order to register a company in Curacao, it is not necessary to draw up and open a current account with a local bank, since the region is a classic offshore. You can use the services of any other jurisdictions, and the Lawrange team will help in the prompt processing of bank details.



Taxes for business in Curacao


Curacao is an offshore that has a minimal tax burden for businesses. If commercial activities are carried out on the territory of the island, you will have to pay up to 20% of regular deductions. However, the main advantage of Curacao is revealed for gambling. Gambling establishments opened in the jurisdiction pay only 2% income tax. No other obligations are established – full tax freedom reigns.



What do you need to register a company in Curacao?


To open a company in Curacao, you must provide a notarized copy of your international passport, proof of address for the last 3 months, a police clearance certificate, a letter of recommendation from a bank or representative, and a resume (CV). Said documentation must be translated into English and certified accordingly.



Strengths of jurisdiction


Curacao provides businesses with the following benefits:

  • an advantageous place to create a gambling organization or bookmaker;
  • access to the world market;
  • great potential for growth;
  • minimum taxes.



Registering a company in Curacao is a profitable option for bookmakers and gambling organizations (especially online casinos) who want to operate globally, but without tangible tax liabilities. Therefore, this jurisdiction is the most popular place for opening gambling companies in the CIS.





The cost of registering a company in Curacao

The service costs 23,599 euros. The price tag includes the registration of the general license of Curacao, which is in demand all over the world.



What do you need to register a company in Curacao?

For registration, it is necessary to provide a notarized copy of the international passport, a certificate of good conduct, recommendations from a representative or a bank, confirmation of the address and resume.



Advantages and disadvantages of jurisdiction

Pros: an ideal place for gambling and betting, low taxes and international coverage. Disadvantage: offshore, respectively, in a number of jurisdictions, the reputation will have to be confirmed in additional ways.




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