Mass issuance of virtual cards in Europe

Nowadays, virtual cards have already become the de facto standard in most of the financial transactions of the World Wide Web. Physical media analogs are more reliable, convenient and easier to use, especially when it comes to paying for online activities. However, not every virtual props enjoys a good reputation among popular organizations and resources.


To get a reliable virtual card that will be accepted in all organizations and services, contact Lawrange. We will provide you with a wide selection of details, transactions on which will be approved without any conditions.



When are virtual cards beneficial?

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of analogs of traditional bank cards is extremely wide.¬†In fact, their demand coincides with the use of classic payment details.¬†If you plan to make a purchase on the Internet, subscribe or order a service, then you will use the virtual card.¬†But their relevance is not limited only to the satisfaction of individual requests.¬†The requisites are also suitable for the needs of the business.


Mass issuance of virtual cards is in demand if you:

  • are doing Facebook advertising;
  • you work in the field of traffic arbitrage;
  • carry out affiliate marketing;
  • use Google ads;
  • work with Tik-Tok and other popular services;
  • doing high-risk business.


In all these cases, a universal financial instrument is required, which is beyond doubt on the part of large companies and services. As a rule, large foreign resources (like Google or Facebook) work with European or English virtual cards, but only from trusted banks.


It is worth examining the benefits of virtual requisites using individual examples. The Facebook ad account is a very powerful platform for promoting both your own products and the services of partners. Through the account, you can correctly set up targeting, analyze the effectiveness of advertising and perform other useful actions. You can run dozens or even hundreds of advertising campaigns for different audiences. Agree, in the conditions of the modern Internet market, this is an extremely attractive opportunity.


Google AdWords provides similar options. You can create ads for individual customers and keep track of lead costs. The larger the audience, the more thoroughly and extensively your financial service network should be worked out.


The key catch is that both Facebook and Google only accept card payments for ads. At the same time, the limits for requisites are quite modest. As a result, you will need a large number of cards. Imagine if you only operate with bank carriers Рyou have to rent a whole warehouse to store them. Obviously, there is another, more adequate solution Рthe issuance of virtual cards, which do not require the order of bulky parcels.



Why is it important to pay attention to the bank that issues virtual cards?

In practice, if a banking institution in the UK, Germany or any other EU country is gray-listed near online resources, the latter block virtual card transactions. As a result, one has to look for alternatives that would be approved by the major players in the online market.


A grey or black list is a completely closed way to any financial transactions. You will not be able to pay for advertising and tie your own props to pay any expenses from working with popular resources. It is necessary to choose only trusted banks, the products of which are not in doubt.



What do we offer?

For companies engaged in traffic arbitrage, trading and other types of remote activities, you can find a large number of proposals for the issuance of virtual cards from QIWI and CIS institutions (Sberbank and others). However, these companies and services are not always tested by popular Internet platforms. Practice shows that large services give preference to English and European cards issued by the respective banking institutions. If you are planning to conduct an international business, then you definitely need to take this fact into account and contact specialists who know in which bank it is best to issue virtual cards.


The law firm Lawrange issues cards for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other popular Internet sites without unnecessary checks and sudden blocking. We offer overseas details from the following jurisdictions:

  • Great Britain;
  • Germany;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Lithuania;
  • other EU countries.


Through our design, you get the opportunity to work comfortably with any platform and not worry about possible problems with approval. No blocking or checking. Only unimpeded financial transactions related to:

  • traffic arbitrage;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms;
  • high-risk projects.


It is no secret that a number of high-risk projects such as cryptocurrency trading, brokerage or casinos are constantly being checked by popular platforms (the same Google does not allow the release of betting applications in its own store).¬†To get a guaranteed opportunity to carry out any financial transactions, you need a reliable virtual account.¬†Lawrange’s mission is to provide you with this opportunity.


In addition to the direct issuance of verified and approved virtual cards, we organize an extremely profitable offer for all companies that cooperate with a large number of clients and platforms.



What is the advantage of mass issuing virtual cards?

If you work with a large number of clients (especially bookmaking, casino, affiliate marketing), then you have a need to service a huge number of personal accounts.¬†To replenish clients’ accounts, the issue of one virtual requisite will obviously not be enough.¬†A massive issue of cards in Europe from banks with a reliable reputation is required.


Traffic arbitrage specialists need a solution to a similar problem.¬†The traditional method used by companies and individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine and the CIS is the so-called “farm” of bank cards.¬†Specialists simply visit every bank they meet and register a large amount of plastic there.¬†This approach has long ceased to be effective, because there are virtual cards.


But here a separate problem arises, which concerns the reliability of the issued details. There are a large number of Internet services that provide the ability to issue virtual cards. However, not every registered requisite will be verified by the same Facebook or Google. Organizations carefully analyze incoming information and do not allow financial transactions from dubious companies and sources.


We have a solution for this task. Together with Lawrange, you get the opportunity to issue a large number of virtual details for conducting financial transactions with various accounts. At the same time, the likelihood of blocking and checking by popular platforms will be minimal. Through our service, you can forget about blacklists and speed up your financial transactions. As a result, an inevitable increase in profits and in the number of customers (after all, you will be able to serve a larger audience).



How do we organize the mass issuance of virtual cards?

If you are planning a mass issuance of virtual cards for traffic arbitrage, casinos, advertising or other activities, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our company registration service in the UK. The organizational and legal form is Ltd, which guarantees for you an optimal tax base and full legality of activities.


A detailed description of the service of opening a company in the UK on our website:


After direct registration of the company (or contacting us for service, if you already have a ready-made business abroad), we:

  1. We open several current accounts for a company in payment systems in Europe.
  2. We issue virtual cards in the name of the company.
  3. If necessary, we organize a mass issue of corporate virtual cards from UK banks for advertising on the Internet.



English banks are among the most reputable and reliable in the world. All popular online platforms cooperate with them. Lawrange can help your business make the right choice in favor of a trusted issuing institution that issues quality virtual cards.


As a result, there are no obstacles and unpredictable behavior on the part of Internet platforms. You will be able to serve your customers smoothly and get more profit.


The cost of connecting the issue of virtual cards consists of the following:

  1. Registration of a company in the UK – 1350 EURO with the opening of current accounts in payment systems.
  2. Connecting the possibility of mass issuance of virtual cards for the company – 1000 EURO.


What problems can you solve with Lawrange?

Through service at Lawrange, you get:

  • hassle-free acceptance of payments through Facebook, Google for various advertising (including advertising of high-risk projects);
  • guaranteed protection against blocking.¬†Emission only from trusted banks.¬†Even if the platform has doubts about the reliability of the details, then after blocking all funds migrate to another card;
  • unlimited number of virtual details.


If you want to establish financial transactions in your gambling organization, Forex exchange, or just want to get a reliable tool for paying for advertising, then contact Lawrange. We provide verified details from reputable UK banking institutions.



About available tariffs

Lawrange’s goal is to provide clients with not only affordable but also varied service.¬†We are well aware that the needs of a business depend on its scale and individual characteristics.¬†It would be pointless to create a single tariff that does not take into account the number of required details and the number of working currencies.¬†That is why Lawrange has two tariff options that are ideal for the tasks of any company.


Rate 6 pounds per month:

  1. Maximum 20 cards per month (available as plastic (issue cost £ 5) as virtual (issue cost £ 1));
  2. The first virtual card is free;
  3. Control expenses for each user, including limits, rules and budgets.


Rate £ 10 per month:

  1. The first virtual card is free;
  2. Unlimited cards (available as plastic (issue cost £ 5), as virtual (issue cost £ 1));
  3. Cards are available in EUR, GBP, and USD (a separate request through the manager);
  4. Control expenses for each user, including limits, rules and budgets.


Lawrange: your opportunity to conduct any financial transactions on the Internet.


The larger the business, the more reliable and extensive the elaboration of its financial instruments should be. Imagine a foreign casino or Forex exchange that uses only a few bank details. It is easy to guess that in case of blocking, you will have to suspend payments and charges for a large number of clients. Your business will stay in one place and will not move, and the audience will go to competitors. The Lawrange team will not allow you to lose profit due to flaws in your own financial system. We provide the ability to mass issue virtual cards for any transactions on the Internet.


Lawrange is your guaranteed blocking protection and stable profit making. All you need to do to provide your business with an extensive increase in audience and income is to contact us for detailed advice and order a mass issue of virtual cards from us.