Ukraine has long been a popular “IT hub”, but against the background of a large number of specialists in the field of information technology, there is a shortage of competent lawyers in this field. If you want to start an IT company, register software rights or perform other important actions, you must be prepared to face a shortage of professionals who really understand the “relationship” between the law and the world of software.

Lawrange Law Firm is designed to close the gap in the market. Our task is to provide you with comprehensive legal support in the field of IT law. We know what developers need to thrive on a completely legitimate basis.


Who do we help?

IT law contains an incredibly large number of types and forms of activity that require specialized knowledge not only in the field of information technology, but also in the field of legislation. Lawrange Law Firm serves:

  • startups;
  • iOS / Android application developers;
  • outsourcing companies that work with both domestic and foreign firms;
  • game development studios that value copyright protection;
  • fintech projects;
  • sites;
  • online casinos and gambling organizations looking for a “free haven” to make a profit.

Each activity has its own regulation and urgent issues that can be resolved only with the support of an IT lawyer. Despite the prevalence of information technology services in Ukraine, only a small number of specialists are really familiar with the law, and this creates practical problems even at the stage of company registration.

In fact, Lawrange provides legal support to all entrepreneurs and firms working in the IT industry. Your activities may be related to software development, analytics or new automated solutions – in any case, the proper opening of a business and its continued operation will require the participation of lawyers.


Key tasks of an IT lawyer in the field of information technology

It is important to understand that an IT firm is primarily a legal entity that performs a wide range of tasks. In the course of the company’s activity there are not only working issues directly related to software development, but also economic, organizational and other problems. The head of a startup must think in two directions at the same time, and not everyone is able to cover all important aspects of the enterprise. It is in this situation that there is a need for competent legal support, which will take over some of the worries.

Each industry has its own legislation. Hence the importance of legal services in the field of IT for business:

  • telecommunications services require an understanding of consumer protection and antitrust legislation;
  • in the field of software development it is necessary to have a clear understanding of copyright and related rights, as well as the powers arising from the creation of intellectual property (understanding of the rights of the author, customer, employer);
  • when working with foreign customers, currency control and foreign trade agreements are important.

IT companies must interact directly with the tax authorities. The advice of a tax lawyer and knowledge of the law will help reduce the burden on business and avoid problems with taxpayers in the future.

It is important to understand that the larger the firm, the greater the demand for legal services. Even medium-sized businesses need the support of outsourced legal professionals. This format will save a significant share of the budget that would otherwise be spent on setting up a legal department.


What will happen if you refuse to provide legal services to your IT company?

Practice shows that technology startups often refuse to comply with or ignore the requirements of the legislator. This careless attitude, it is easy to guess, leads to the following consequences:

  • contracts concluded with contractors are not checked in any way, and there can be no question of the advantage of the conditions;
  • the legal burden falls on the shoulders of accountants or managers who are unfamiliar with the specifics of the legal regulation of information technology;
  • companies, in case of violations, do not use the tools of influence provided by the legislator. As a result, violations only thrive.

Without legal support, you will not be able to detect the dishonesty of contractors or protect your own right to the program. In other words, the startup will start to suffer losses at the beginning, without any compensation.


What issues do we solve?

Lawrange Law Firm has been providing legal services to companies working in the field of information technology for many years. Our legal services for IT:

  • detailed advice on any legal issues related to information technology;
  • formalization and analysis of agreements with contractors, partners or clients;
  • tax optimization and planning;
  • comprehensive support and protection;
  • choice of international jurisdiction for doing business;
  • registration of companies in the EU, USA, Asia or offshore;
  • opening bank accounts in foreign banks;
  • registration of intellectual property.

Thus, Lawrange Law Firm provides a comprehensive package of services that includes everything necessary for the full prosperity of the company, regardless of its organizational and legal form, scale and nature of activities.


Detailed consultation

The IT industry is regulated by a number of legislative acts. Central are the Civil Code of Ukraine and thematic laws. It takes a lot of time to understand the features of software regulation. For startups, this is an irreparable expense. That is why it is so important to consult with IT lawyers who know the specifics of the legal support of the information industry.

Drawing up an author’s contract, protection of intellectual property for the program, choosing the optimal taxation system – these are just some of the issues that can be resolved successfully in cooperation with competent legal representatives.


Help with contracts

Like any other company, IT companies constantly work with contractors, customers and partners. The basis is contracts that must be concluded in accordance with the letter of the law. However, legality is not the only requirement for agreements. Their usefulness for the participants themselves is also important (this is especially evident in IT). With the support of an IT lawyer from Lawrange, you will be able to:

  • approve the right essential conditions that are beneficial to you;
  • correctly distribute the rights and responsibilities in software development;
  • determine the property rights of the created programs;
  • indicate the remuneration and deadlines.

However, the most important thing that an IT lawyer from Lawrange can provide is the ability to enter into agreements on international models that are common in the field of information technology.


  • Fixed Price. Used in standard projects. For the customer, this model provides a transparent budget. The nuance is the difficulty of making changes to the current software development.
  • Time & Materials. Development is performed based on individual tasks. The final volume is difficult to predict. Payment is made only for the actual development.
  • Subscription agreements. Used when hiring programmers with a higher degree of trust.
  • Dedicated Team. Providing IT specialists to a third-party company to implement a specific project.

The correct implementation of these business models depends entirely on the legal design of the essential conditions and powers of the parties. With the support of IT lawyers from Lawrange, you get the opportunity to make lucrative deals that do not conflict with other developers.


Tax optimization

Choosing a taxation system is one of the fundamentally important decisions at the stage of starting a startup. It is necessary to properly plan the tax burden and choose the right tools so that in the future you will not be in a debt pit with the tax authorities.

With the help of an IT lawyer from Lawrange, you will be able to:

  • choose the optimal taxation system;
  • obtain the required taxpayer status;
  • issue tax benefits.

We guarantee full protection against sudden inspections by tax authorities and fines. You minimize your risks from improper tax optimization with our help.


Comprehensive support and protection

Tax office is not the only agency that will closely monitor the activities of startups and IT companies. There will also be close scrutiny by other supervisory authorities whose responsibilities relate to information security and consumer rights. In case of disputes and violations, another important state body, the court, comes into play. In cooperation with all these structures, not only the truth is important, but also competent legal protection.

A representative of the Lawrange Law Firm will help:

  • prepare documents for trial;
  • protect your interests in supervisory bodies;
  • to appeal against the decisions of state structures.

With the support of a competent representative, you will be protected in the field of law. No violator or oversight body will be able to influence your profits and growth. For startups, the presence of a professional defender is a guarantee of victory in the courts and successful representation of interests in government agencies.


A special case: the protection of IT companies during searches, inspections and prosecutions

In case of suspicion of committing a crime by employees or management, your company will be under the supervision of government agencies. Criminal prosecution involves investigative actions, which often involve abuse of rights by officials.


  • obtaining confidential information or unjustified seizure of equipment during searches;
  • unannounced inspections and unfair fines;
  • interrogations and pressure on employees and managers.

Regardless of the degree of guilt, every business needs the protection of professional lawyers. An IT lawyer from Lawrange will protect your interests during criminal prosecutions and investigations. We will achieve justice and prevent the abuse of rights by officials.


Registration of IT companies abroad

The issue of starting a business in IT deserves special attention. Ukraine is not the only popular “hub”. The following jurisdictions are equally necessary:

  • USA;
  • European Union;
  • offshore;
  • Asian countries.

In order to register a business in these jurisdictions, it is not enough to accumulate the required amount and hire an accountant. Each country has its own legal requirements for IT companies. This is especially true for online casinos and gambling organizations, which require special offshore conditions.

With the support of an IT lawyer from Lawrange, you get a ready-made decision to register a business abroad.

We will help:

  • prepare the necessary documents for registration;
  • rent a legal address;
  • select specialists;
  • get a unique name;
  • choose the optimal taxation system;
  • register intellectual property.

You may prefer traditional jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom or modern offshore jurisdictions such as Cyprus. In any case, you will need experts in foreign law. And the Lawrange team is ready to provide you with a reliable business design anywhere in the world.


Opening foreign bank accounts

In parallel with the registration of the company abroad, it is important to resolve the banking details issue. The need to open an account in a foreign bank may arise for Ukrainian IT companies, which prefer to keep funds in reputable structures. Every popular foreign bank has its own requirements for customers. The Lawrange team regularly helps entrepreneurs and startups to set up an account at the right institution abroad. Our service is carried out on time and without unnecessary documents.


Intellectual property registration

Among all types of legal services for IT companies, which are in demand from companies and startups, there is a separate registration of intellectual property. The program is the result of creative work and is subject to state protection. For full protection you need to confirm your copyright or apply for a patent (in the case of production software). Together with an IT lawyer from Lawrange you will be able to:

  • prepare the necessary documents for the registration of intellectual property;
  • confirm your copyright to the program;
  • protect your software from competitors and attackers;
  • correctly enter into a license agreement.

It is worth noting that the programs themselves may consist of other subroutines (for example, you have developed a comprehensive library that includes separate and full-fledged tools, or created a game in which each character can be the subject of copyright). In this case, it is important to register the intellectual property for each subroutine so that in the future competitors will not be tempted to use your experience.

The program code will be entered into a special repository after the registration of intellectual property, and the applicant will receive a certificate, which will be documentary evidence in case of conflicts and violations.

Based on the issued patent or copyright certificate, you will be able to effectively recover damages from infringers, prohibit competitors from using software code and enter into profitable agreements with partners who prefer to work only with developers who care about the security of their code.


Cost of service from Lawrange Law Firm

The price of services from Lawrange Law Firm depends entirely on the following factors:

  • the needs of the startup or developer;
  • the need to register intellectual property;
  • the need to register a company abroad;
  • availability of agreements with other developers.

The final cost is formed during the discussion of the service agreement. We guarantee a flexible price tag that is available not only to experienced development teams, but also to start-ups.

When you contact Lawrange, you receive a free consultation and analysis of your situation. For preliminary recommendations, leave a request on the site and we will contact you soon.


Benefits of IT support from Lawrange

Lawrange is an example of a law firm that has been working in the field of legal support of IT business for many years. We are approached by both experienced developers and startups, due to the following benefits:

  • Professionalism. We are an experienced team of lawyers and consultants who work closely with the legal regulation of information technology;
  • Free consultation. When you contact us, you receive a detailed analysis of your situation with recommendations for solving current problems.
  • Individual approach. Every startup or developer has their own needs and urgent problems that need to be addressed quickly. There is no universal pill – we will select the right tool and model of cooperation depending on your requests.
  • Cooperation with foreign jurisdictions. You can start your IT business abroad in any modern country with loyal legislation to develop programs or online entertainment.
  • Round-the-clock work. By contacting us, you will receive support 24 hours a day.

We represent the interests of IT business not only in Ukrainian government agencies, but also in international structures. In the event of a dispute with a foreign outsourcing firm or in the event of a conflict of authorship with other developers, our team is guaranteed to protect your profits and intellectual property.

If you want to open a profitable startup or want to update the internal legal regulation of your own IT company, contact Lawrange Law Firm. We will select a comprehensive solution to your problems in a short time.