Open a company in Bulgaria

Registration of a company in Bulgaria from “Lawrange” is an opportunity to get advantageous advantages of the European Union, but with low taxes. If you want to get access to three developed sales markets at once, then this country is an excellent option for starting a business.



Company registration in Bulgaria – basic information

The country is not an offshore and is part of the EU, which automatically affects the requirements for business registration. First of all, each company must have its own legal address. At the same time, the company itself must be represented by at least 1 director. Opening a company in Bulgaria is possible in the following organizational and legal forms:

  • AD (analogue of a joint stock company);
  • OOD (analogue of LLC);
  • EOOD (LLC, but with a sole founder).

Lawrange recommends paying attention to OOD – this is the most optimal form of doing business in the country, which does not require the owners of the issue of securities and a large number of documents. In addition, a Bulgarian limited liability company operates with a minimum authorized capital of only 10 leva.   An important feature: you can open a company in Bulgaria remotely. Founders do not need to visit the country in advance. All that is required is a power of attorney for the representative of “Lawrange” with an apostille.



What do you need to register a company in Bulgaria?

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Come up with a name for the future enterprise.
  2. Decide on the organizational and legal form.
  3. Open a current account with a local bank.
  4. Appoint a director (nominee management is allowed, but the director will have to visit Sofia for 1 working day).
  5. Collect documents.
  6. Submit documentation to the registrar.

A specific package of documents includes:

  • statement;
  • international passport;
  • constituent protocol;
  • friendly agreement;
  • declaration from the appointed director;
  • a receipt for payment of the registration fee;
  • power of attorney for a representative;
  • statement from the bank.

If you plan to open a branch of your own company, you will need to provide the existing charter and articles of association of the parent organization.



Taxes in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian state is extremely loyal in matters of taxation. Unlike most other European countries, the country has minimum tax rates:

  • for profit – 10% (the lowest rate in the EU);
  • payment of dividends – 5% (for non-residents);
  • VAT (VAT) – 20% (if desired).

The country provides a large number of preferential conditions for foreign business, which can be used even at the start.



Accounting department

Accounting is compulsory. The operating organization must prepare a report annually. The rest of the requirements are standard – you can get the services of a local accountant for 60 euros per month or more (it all depends on the competence of the specialist). Advantages and disadvantages of jurisdiction:

  • EU membership since 2007. Guaranteed high reputation in the international market;
  • access to 3 markets – EU, CIS and Turkey;
  • minimum currency control;
  • availability of tax incentives;
  • loyal taxation;
  • founders can be non-residents;
  • remote registration.


  • compulsory audit, if the annual turnover of the company is more than 1.5 million leva;
  • the director’s personal presence in Sofia is required for 1 working day;
  • obligatory legal address.



The cost of registering a company in Bulgaria

Registration from “Lawrange” is a comprehensive package of services that includes:

  • buying a ready-made company or opening a new business;
  • agency services, appointment of a secretary and search for a legal address;
  • certification of all documents;
  • certificate of incorporation (certificate of registration);
  • memorandum of creation and ready-made charter;
  • opening a bank account with local banks Tokuda / DSK Bank.

The cost of registering a company in Bulgaria with opening an account in a local bank is 2950 euros . We are ready to solve all the problems with the registration of commercial activities in a period of 4 to 14 days.



Benefits of working with us

Lawrange is a team of lawyers that values ​​their own reputation in the market. That is why we:

  • we indicate the cost of service in advance. No hidden fees or additional fees;
  • we provide comprehensive legal support;
  • we know the specifics of the Bulgarian legislation and the peculiarities of the forms of doing local commerce;
  • we offer ready-made solutions for foreign organizations.

If you want to start operating in 3 markets at the same time, receive tax incentives and enjoy the advantages of the European region, then contact Lawrange – we give the company everything it needs for comfortable prosperity.




The cost of registering a company in Bulgaria 

We help to register a business in the country for only 2950 euros. The price includes comprehensive legal services. 



What do you need to register a company in Bulgaria? 

Only one action is to issue a power of attorney for our representative. We take care of all other concerns. 



Advantages and disadvantages of jurisdiction

Advantages of the Bulgarian jurisdiction: minimum taxes, access to the EU, CIS and Turkey markets, loyal legislation. There is only one drawback – the presence of the director in the country. There are other nuances in other developed legal order as well.




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