When choosing a financial jurisdiction to open an account for a foreign (offshore or onshore) company, you will definitely think about Switzerland. This is the world standard of quality, reliability, confidentiality of banking services.



If you think that opening a Swiss bank account is always  expensive for everyone, then you are mistaken. The country’s financial sector works in different directions and for different categories of clients. The structure of the banking system includes historical banks and boutique banks with exclusive offers and individual management of each client. But at the same time – and small banks with universal and democratic proposals.


Lawrange law firm, upon request, will select the best option for opening an account for your business. We work with a number of financial institutions in the country, providing comfortable solutions in the absence of significant participation on your part. Terms of opening an account – from 1 to 6 weeks.



Bank account in Switzerland – basic information


By opening a Swiss bank account, you provide reliable capital protection. The country has established itself as the world’s largest financial center due to political, legislative and economic stability. Banking secrecy is enshrined at the legislative level, and the quality of customer service is a guarantee of credibility in the international arena.


Can I open a Swiss bank account remotely? Yes.

Are there requirements for the minimum deposit, account balance? Yes.

What is the cost of opening an account in Switzerland? From €700.



Account opening conditions


The peculiarity of Switzerland as a financial jurisdiction lies in the presence and observance of a number of conditions when opening personal and corporate accounts. Among these conditions:


  1. Making an activation deposit (for example, for CIM Banque – 10000 USD / EUR / CHF): after the client is approved by the bank and the IBAN is issued, the client must transfer the initial (activation) payment in order to gain access to all banking products and services.
  2. Maintenance of the minimum balance on the account (for CIM Banque – 1000 USD / EUR / CHF). In some institutions, this balance reaches 3,000,000 USD.
  3. Confirmation of the legality of the origin of funds and investments: bank representatives check the information provided.
  4. It is not possible to open an account remotely in all banks (CIM Banque provides such an opportunity).



Note! As a general rule, Swiss banks are more suitable for holding financial assets than for trading activities. However, each banking institution forms its own offers, conditions for customers.


Lawrange specialists are ready to advise on the conditions for opening and maintaining an account in a particular bank, as well as to choose the best solution for an individual client’s request. 



Documents for opening a corporate account in a Swiss bank

  • Notarized charter and memorandum of association of the company, protocol on the appointment of officials.
  • Certificate of Incorporation – confirmation of registration of the company.
  • Share Certificate – evidence of ownership of a certain number of shares of a business entity.
  • Certificate of Good Standing for companies older than one year – confirmation of the existence of the company, the presence in the official registers of the fulfillment of tax obligations in the country of registration.
  • Information about the beneficiary of the company (resume, notarized copy of the passport, TIN, proof of residence with address of residence, for example, utility bills, proof of asset ownership, information about sources of income).



All documents are translated into English!


***Notes: The Bank has the right to require additional documents, depending on the jurisdiction of your company and business features. These documents should be submitted as soon as possible.



Attention! Since 2020, banks have been checking the existence of a real presence of the client’s business (office, hired personnel) and the filing of tax returns in the country of registration. It is also necessary to present the company’s financial statements prepared by a certified auditor. The choice of place of incorporation should be consistent with the activities of the company.



Choosing a bank to open an account

Swiss banks specialize in maintaining savings and investment accounts. Opening current accounts is more extraordinary than ordinary service. But some institutions, including CIM Banque, provide such a service to their customers.


When choosing in the bank profile, you need to look at:

  • specialization;
  • availability of representative offices;
  • entry threshold;
  • minimum balance recommendations;
  • requirements for clients.



Lawrange specialists recommend that clients pay attention to the specifics and advantages of some banks when opening an account by non-EU residents.



CIM Banque

Official website http://www.cimbanque.com/


  • Possibility of remote account opening.
  • Low “entry threshold” 10000 USD/ EUR/ CHF.
  • Proven reliability, competence – the bank has been operating since 1990.
  • Availability of Russian-speaking staff.
  • Operational passage of the opening procedure – from 1 to 6 weeks.



Julius Baer & Co. LTD

Official websitehttp://www.juliusbaer.com/


  • One of the oldest banks in the country, founded in 1890.
  • The bank is represented in 28 countries of the world.
  • A meeting of a business owner with a bank employee can be held in Kyiv.
  • There are no initial deposit requirements (but the balance is 500,000 USD).
  • Availability of Russian-speaking managers.



Banque Internationale and Luxembourg

Official websitehttp://www.bil.com/


  • A subsidiary of one of the oldest Luxembourg banks.
  • Specializes in personal service, asset management.
  • Availability of Russian-speaking staff.
  • A meeting of a business owner with a bank employee can be held in Kyiv.
  • The terms for opening an account are only about two to three weeks.



Bank Vontobel AG

Official websitehttp://www.vontobel.com/


  • It is part of a holding with representative offices in 20 countries of the world.
  • Specializes in personal services to large clients.
  • An account is opened within a week, a week after that Internet banking is available.
  • It is possible to conduct transactions for the acquisition of financial instruments through Internet banking.
  • A meeting of a business owner with a bank employee can be held in Kyiv.




Official websitehttp://www.bsibank.com/


  • The bank was founded in 1873.
  • Now represented in Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • You can open an account in just two weeks.
  • There are no initial deposit requirements (but the balance is 1,000,000 USD).
  • Possibility of remote account opening.



Credit Suisse Bank

Official websitehttp://www.credit-suisse.com/


  • For more than 150 years, he has been successfully managing private capital around the world.
  • The bank is interested in investment accounts.
  • The minimum account balance is from 1,000,000 CHF.
  • The bank can offer a Russian-speaking manager.
  • A universal banking institution that provides all types of banking services.



Falcon Private Bank Ltd.

Official websitehttp://www.falconpb.com/


  • Specializes in asset management, related financial services.
  • Founded in 1965.
  • Possibility of remote account opening.
  • Account opening time is about two weeks.
  • Allows you to open accounts in the following currencies: CHF, USD, EUR.



PKB Privatbank

Official website http://www.pkb.ch/


  • Provides services in the Forex market.
  • All accounts are multicurrency.
  • The bank has a representative office on Antigua (West Indies): to St. John’s.
  • You can manage your account using internet banking.
  • The bank is focused on the international clientele.



Pictet & Cie

Official website http://www.pictet.com/


  • Founded back in 1805.
  • Internet banking in English, there are Russian-speaking employees.
  • The bank has always focused on asset management.
  • The third largest asset management bank in Switzerland.
  • It has a high long-term credit rating according to Fitch and Moody’s.



Attention! The list is not exhaustive. Contact us to find out in detail which banks we work with, as well as the cost of opening an account, conditions, tariffs.



Opening a bank account in Switzerland step by step


Step 1. You submit a request for a consultation to us.


Step 2. Based on your wishes, business specifics, needs, a bank is selected.


Step 3. With our support, a package of documents is prepared, which is then sent to the bank.


Step 4. It is possible that additional documents will need to be prepared during the application process by the bank.


Step 5. After the bank approves you as a client, an activation deposit is made. And you can be congratulated as the owner of a Swiss bank account!





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