Opening an account in Bulgaria

Due to the increasing pressure on classic offshores from the international community, to register a business and open an account, it is worth looking into onshore jurisdictions with a favorable tax regime and loyal attitude towards foreign founders. And Bulgaria is included in the list of such jurisdictions.


Thanks to the specialization and experience of the experts of the Lawrange AK team opening an account in Bulgaria can be carried out quickly and comfortably. The client is required to clearly formulate the problem and provide documents. The client receives the expected result from us – a current invoice for the company.


Account opening process in Bulgaria

The option of complex services is often considered – opening a company and an account in Bulgaria. To open a company in Bulgaria, a power of attorney with an apostille is issued to a lawyer of AK Lawrange. By registering a legal entity , we resolve the issue with the invoice.


Important! It takes 5-8 days to issue an invoice. Currency for opening an account – Bulgarian leva, euro, US dollars and so on. Sometimes banks ask the client to make an activation payment (a small amount ).


Required documents for opening an account in Bulgaria

To open an account in Bulgaria for a non-resident, the following documentation will be required:

  1. originals of statutory documents translated into Bulgarian and legalized;
  2. Certificate of Good Standing under an apostille, if more than one year has passed since the registration of the company;
  3. documents for the account manager, beneficiary, director (originals of internal passports and foreign passports, confirmation of residence addresses);
  4. forms for filling out and signing – are provided at the bank branch.


*** Note: The director of the company is not necessarily a resident Bulgaria.


Choosing a bank in Bulgaria to open an account

The banking system of the country is characterized by reliability. More than 70% of the assets of the Bulgarian financial system are in foreign ownership.


For your information! Almost all banks in Bulgaria for non-residents offer acceptable terms of service. Therefore, when opening a corporate account, the best option is that corresponds to the specifics of international business.


Lawrange JSC cooperates with such local banks as Tokuda Bank or DSK Bank (OTP Group), an account can be opened in one of these banks at your choice or in both at once for an additional fee.


Tokuda Bank

Foundation time: 1994 Part of the Tokushukai Medical Corporation group (Japan). The license allows you to offer all financial transactions (including credit ) domestically and abroad.


DSK Bank

Foundation time: 1951 Initially it had the status of a state, since the 2000s it entered the OTP financial group (Hungary). The number of clients has reached over 4 million.


*** Note: You can also open an account in Bulgaria at UniCredit Bulbank, INC Bank, TBI Bank and so on.


Professional support from Lawrange

Since opening an account in most cases requires a visit to Bulgaria, Lawrange provides the service of organizing an interview and accompanying a client by our lawyer. With the prior consent of the bank, the option of remote opening by proxy is possible.


Important! Ten years of experience of Lawrange experts in the field of international business support allows you to save time and money clients.


Cost of opening an account in Bulgaria

The cost of a package of services of AK Lawrange for registering a company in Bulgaria together with an account with Tokuda or DSK Bank (OTP Group) is 2,950 Euro.



A non-resident company can open an account in Bulgaria on fairly favorable terms. The work of Lawrange specialists allows you to achieve results in the shortest possible time.



Can a non-resident open an account in Bulgaria?

Yes, in the country you can open both a personal account for a foreign citizen and a corporate account for a non-resident company.


Which banks in Bulgaria are the most reliable?

All banks that are now operating in the country are characterized by reliability. The choice of a bank should be balanced against the needs of the business.


How to get advice on opening an account in Bulgaria?

You can order a consultation through the feedback form, by phone or in the messenger – the contacts are indicated on our website.