Open an account in Hungary

Hungary provides many business benefits. First of all, this applies not only to a stable economy, but also to direct membership in the EU. If you are planning to do business within the European Union, opening a bank account in this country will be a very attractive option.


Account opening process in Hungary

Step-by-step instructions for opening an account for a law firm in a banking organization in Hungary from “Lawrange”:

  1. Choose a suitable financial institution.
  2. Read the terms of cooperation.
  3. Select the currency in which the invoice will be issued (in most cases it is euro).
  4. Prepare the necessary documents.
  5. Wait for the organization to review the documents.
  6. Get the issued invoice and its details.


When you contact Lawrange, you get the opportunity to save your time looking for the most suitable institution to store your own assets. We know the peculiarities of Hungarian legislation and its requirements for clients of credit institutions.


Preparation of documents for opening an account in Hungary

Required package of documents for a foreign person:

  • corporate documents for a company under European law (certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association, articles of association, company status, tax number, register of beneficiaries, annual financial statements);
  • certificates for participants and leaders (copies of passports, place of registration, questionnaires and resume);
  • a business plan that contains the purpose of opening an account and a detailed description of economic activities);
  • recommendations from partners (optional).


All documents must be translated into Hungarian. The translated certificates must be certified by a notary or through an apostille affixing.


Choosing a bank to open an account in Hungary

Hungary is a country with a large number of reliable and large banks. The most popular are the following organizations:

  • K & amp; H;
  • Erste;
  • Budapest Bank;
  • MKB;
  • CIB.


Lawrange will help you choose the right organization to store funds and other assets of the company. We will select the most advantageous offer on the market for you.


Professional support from Lawrange

Our company has been helping entrepreneurs and legal entities for several years to open an account in Hungary for doing business. When you contact us, you get:

  • full package of documents for registration;
  • guaranteed bank approval;
  • the ability to choose the most suitable offer;
  • professional text translation and representation.


Our task is to speed up and guarantee you a hassle-free bank account opening in Hungary. Contact the professionals – save your time to get important details for the future development of your business!


Cost of opening an account in Hungary

“Lawrange” helps to open bank details for a business at an affordable cost. The final price depends on:

  • the degree of preparation of the required documentation;
  • the need to make additional services (translation, company registration);
  • a specific offer of the bank.


In some organizations, the minimum registration price is 450 euros. In larger financial companies, the price tag for opening bank details starts at 1,600 euros. Regardless of the chosen place of registration, we guarantee you maximum savings in time and money.



Hungary is part of the European banking system, which means unified requirements for documentation and business. To become the owner of an account in a reliable and popular Hungarian bank, it is recommended to contact specialists who know the peculiarities of European jurisdiction. “Lawrange” is your solution to any issues related to the support of commercial activities in the EU.



Opening an account in Hungary – terms?

The average time for opening bank details in a Hungarian bank is from 2 weeks. The total duration depends on the degree of preparation of the documents and the need for additional maintenance.


Want to know more about opening an account in Hungary?

Contact our specialists for detailed and free advice. We will answer in detail any questions of concern.


Which is the safest bank in Hungary?

As part of a European jurisdiction, Hungarian banking organizations have an unrivaled reputation in the global and regional market. Every institution is reliable for business.