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About company

Lawrange Law Firm is a team of experienced attorneys, tax consultants and lawyers who know what your business needs to thrive. We provide comprehensive legal support for enterprises in Ukraine, the EU, the USA and Asia, which guarantees a reduction in risks and an increase in your profits.

How exactly do we help businesses?

Commercial activities are multifaceted. Companies constantly have to deal with:

  • tax audits and associated unfair fines;
  • the need to expand business to other regions and countries;
  • opening bank accounts in the EU, Asia and other jurisdictions;
  • various checks, inspections, searches;
  • participation in legal proceedings.


Without competent legal support, a business risks falling under unnecessary sanctions, losing its accumulated reputation in the market and losing a profitable partnership. Management should always think in two dimensions: economic and legal. If you focus only on the pursuit of profit, then sooner or later you can either face the supervisory authorities, or even contemplate the stagnation (or even closure) of your own business.


Lawrange offers you more than just competent legal assistance. In modern conditions, it is not enough just to provide a one-time legal service that does not take into account either the context of your activity or other existing problems. Practice shows that legal obstacles and conflicts on the way to profit and an excellent image are linked to each other. That is why we need comprehensive support that will cover and take into account the specifics of a particular company and local legislation.


The complexity of the existing registration and verification procedures deserves special attention. It will not be possible to simply prepare the documents and expect the successful opening of a company in another country. A large number of other actions are also associated with direct registration, from opening a bank account to notarization and leasing a legal address. Much here also depends on your needs: the desire to open an offshore account, rent a different address, or hire resident specialists in the required jurisdiction.


Lawrange’s mission is to accompany business through bureaucratic red tape and dozens of procedures with a minimum of costs and risks. No delays in registering a business in the right jurisdiction or an incorrectly chosen tax optimization strategy. We provide professional assistance and guarantee you the desired result.

Our services are your competent protection of interests

As a company manager or an individual entrepreneur, you are constantly faced with legal collisions and a large number of bureaucratic procedures. Without legal support, you can not only lose profit, but also alienate potential clients. To protect you from existing risks, we offer:

  • complex legal support of business;
  • professional protection of business from the oppression of state bodies;
  • fast registration of the company in the required jurisdiction.


Each service consists of many related activities. Lawrange prepares the necessary documentation for you (with a notarized translation if you plan to open a company in another country), represents your interests in government agencies, looks for reliable specialists for hiring and participates in inspections. In other words, we offer effective legal solutions that will save you from unnecessary problems with supervisory structures, excessive taxes and loss of image.

Why do clients from all over the world choose Lawrange?

To follow the set Mission, it is necessary not only to have professional knowledge of legal instruments. Lawrange specialists also:

  • know the legislative intricacies of most popular jurisdictions. With us you can always get advice on where it is best to register a company with a certain activity;
  • work both with offshore companies and with onshores and mid-shores. We will honestly and objectively tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular jurisdiction;
  • own the means of international tax optimization. Our tax consultants will select the optimal scheme for you to reduce the tax burden on the budget;
  • understand very well how important it is for a business to prepare for labor inspection and checks of internal documentation.


Litigation is also important and can often lead to unforeseen costs. Even the most successful business has at least once been forced to participate in legal disputes involving a court. And in such a situation, the most important thing is the competence of the representative.


Lawrange has been serving companies and individual entrepreneurs from the EU, Ukraine, USA, Asia and a number of other jurisdictions for several years. That is why they turn to us when you need to open a company in a short time or choose a suitable tax system in the country of registration. In addition to these advantages, we also have strengths in the very organization of work with you.


We promote the following important values:

  • honesty. You can familiarize yourself with the list of our grateful partners and clients, as well as read their reviews;
  • openness. You can contact us in most ways – via e-mail, hotline numbers or social networks;
  • loyalty. The cost of our service is available to any budget of the company, regardless of the scale of its activities.


Lawrange is more than just a law firm. This is a guaranteed solution to your business problems based on the letter and spirit of the law. If you encounter obstacles in registering a company abroad, suffer unfair sanctions from the tax authorities, or want to optimize your own tax burden, then contact Lawrange – we will promptly close the problems of your business.