Poland is considered a “buffer zone” between Western Europe and the CIS, providing the advantages of two large markets at the same time. If you want to get European privileges and at the same time do not want to move to remote regions of the EU, then registering a company in Poland is a great option.



How much does it cost to open a company in Poland?


The cost of registration from the Lawrange law firm is 1950 euros. The price includes the following services:

  • direct registration of a company in Poland;
  • agency service and mediation in state bodies;
  • lease of a legal address;
  • obtaining documentation for the enterprise;
  • making a company stamp.


We provide comprehensive support for starting a business in the Polish jurisdiction. Our turnkey services are your opportunity to start doing business in a developed country without additional and costly steps.



Features of registering a business in Poland


Opening a company in Poland is one of the fastest in the world. We are ready to prepare all the necessary documentation in 5 working days. The vast majority of documentation can be issued electronically.

In the country it is allowed to register an enterprise not only for one person. The number of founders can be up to 9.


Another characteristic feature is the ability to expand business activities over time both to the entire Schengen area and beyond. Poland, unlike many other European countries, regularly supports local businesses in their endeavors.


The most common legal form for registering a company in Poland is Sp. Zo.o (similar to the Ukrainian LLC / TOV). This version of the enterprise can be created even without significant investments – the minimum authorized capital is set at only 5 thousand Polish zlotys (about 1200 euros).

To open a company in Poland, the director needs to visit the country, sign the documentation with a notary and issue a current account for the company in a bank, or do it all by proxy. The Lawrange team will allow you to create your own account with BNP Paribas or PKO Bank, two major Polish lending institutions.



What taxes do businesses pay in Poland?


The Republic of Poland is a member of the EU and uses standard tax liability rates that can be used when starting a business in Poland:

  • on profit – 9%. Subsequently, the rate will be increased to 19%;
  • contribution to the pension fund – 9.76%;
  • VAT (VAT) – 23%. For some activities, a reduced rate of up to 8% applies. There is a VAT refund.


An effective tax burden in the country is extremely beneficial for young enterprises that have not yet had time to gain a foothold in the market. That is why registering a business in Poland is highly recommended for start-ups in the first place.



Documentation for opening a company in Poland


To open a business in Poland, you will need:

  • international passport;
  • statement;
  • license (if it is planned to conduct licensed activities);
  • constituent documentation in Polish;
  • power of attorney for the representative of Lawrange;
  • notarial certification of all specified certificates.


We are ready to provide comprehensive assistance in the preparation of the necessary documentation. Our representatives will act on your behalf and will significantly reduce the time for notarization and selection of PKD activities.



Strengths of Polish jurisdiction


The Polish state is extremely welcoming to foreign capital and investments (which is why registering a company in Poland is a profitable solution). In the future, as a business owner, you will get a simplified opportunity to become a citizen of the country, which will open up all the privileges of the European Union for you.

Undoubted advantages of the decision to open a company in Poland:

  • access to the EU market without barriers;
  • prestige at the global level;
  • adequate tax burden for a young enterprise;
  • availability of tax benefits.

If you want to start conquering the European market, then opening a company in Poland is the best option for a startup. The Lawrange team is ready to advise you on every issue related to Polish law and other important issues.




The cost of registering a company in Poland

Service from Lawrange costs 1950 euros. Everything you need is included in the service package.



What do you need to register a company in Poland?

It is necessary to prepare constituent documentation, an application, a passport and a power of attorney for our representative.



Advantages and disadvantages of jurisdiction

Strengths: EU membership, favorable conditions for start-ups and proximity to the CIS. Nuance: the need for a personal visit to the country.




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