Company registration in Hong Kong is an opportunity to start a business in a global financial center with many advantages. Gentle taxation, access to all markets and prestige are only a small part of what business in this Asian region will learn.



How much does it cost to establish a company in Hong Kong?


The price of setting up a Hong Kong business without a nominal service is 1950 euros. The basic service package includes the following services:

  • the first year of full legal support;
  • direct registration of a business or purchase of a ready-made enterprise;
  • agency service;
  • lease of a legal address;
  • preparation of documents for the company;
  • production of a company stamp (on request).


The Lawrange law firm relieves you of the need to independently maintain the firm at the beginning of its work. Together with us, you will receive comprehensive support in your commercial and profitable ventures in the territory of the “Asian tiger”.



What you need to know about company registration in Hong Kong?


The Asian metropolis has adopted English law, which guarantees the simplicity and reasonableness of the entire regulatory framework. There are no meaningless and large taxes or frequent inspections.


The most attractive organizational and legal form for doing business by non-residents is LLC. This organization offers a minimum tax burden, ease of registration and a loyal amount of authorized capital (from 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars).


With regard to audit activities, loyal requirements have been established – reporting documentation must be submitted once a year. At the same time, the first declarations must be filed only 18 months after the company establishment in Hong Kong.


In the city, you can open a current account for enterprises in local banks – HSBC Bank and Citibank. There is also an opportunity to use the services of credit institutions from the European region (Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany and other countries).


We will help you select and open the best bank for a Hong Kong company in a bank or financial institution.



Features of business taxation in Hong Kong


Hong Kong law is based on the principle of territoriality. If an enterprise operates abroad, does not have a real office in the city and does not employ local workers, then it is exempt from paying taxes.


Specific types of obligations:

  • corporate tax. The base rate is 16.5%. 0% – if the activity is carried out outside the metropolis;
  • tax on dividends and capital gains. Rate – 0%;
  • property tax. The base rate is 15% (subject to the presence of a physical office).


There are no customs duties or VAT on the territory of the city. If you conduct international business, then setting up a company in Hong Kong means getting the key advantages of an offshore zone, but without any drawbacks.



What do you need to register a company in Hong Kong?


The Lawrange team will prepare all the necessary documentation for you to establish a company in Hong Kong. You only need to provide:

  • three options for the name of the enterprise;
  • a notarized passport of the head with an English translation;
  • notarized utility bill with English translation.


Based on the data received, we will begin preparing the constituent documentation and open a current account for the company in a local bank. Minimum effort and time – maximum benefit for you.



Strengths of Hong Kong jurisdiction


Company registration in Hong Kong allows you to get all the advantages of the region:

  • remote registration;
  • prestige in the world market;
  • if you work outside the city – the complete absence of taxes;
  • you can open a current account in banks around the world;
  • English law;
  • you can issue a nominee service;
  • access to profitable partnership between China and other Asian regions.


If you want to work in the global market, enjoy the benefits of English law and at the same time have a minimum of problems with inspections and taxes, then setting up a company in Hong Kong from Lawrange is a proven way to get everything at once.





The cost of company registration in Hong Kong

Registration service from Lawrange costs 1950 euros. The price includes all the necessary legal support for the business.



What do you need to register a company in Hong Kong?

We independently prepare the documentation for you. It will take only 3 options for the name of the future company and a notarized and translated passport for the head.



Advantages and disadvantages of jurisdiction

Pros: doing business in the global financial center, no taxes and prestige. There are no tangible nuances in the Hong Kong jurisdiction – except for the fact that tax incentives are valid only in the conduct of international affairs.