International activities cover a large number of legal relationships from business registration in another jurisdiction to the company’s entry into the world market. Knowledge of national law will not be enough – there are many agreements and regulations between countries that should also be taken into account. In order to properly build relationships with contractors, clients and partners abroad, it is necessary to enlist the support of an international lawyer.

Lawrange Law Firm has been providing business services in foreign jurisdictions and the global market for over 10 years. Together with our representatives you will be able to discover new horizons of commercial and professional growth.



International layer`s services

We organize comprehensive support of your interests in supranational bodies and foreign structures. Our task is to provide comprehensive support to your business or professional activity.


Services of an international lawyer from “Lawrange”:

  • detailed advice on any issue related to international law;
  • concluding agreements with foreign counterparties;
  • preparation of investment projects;
  • analysis of international agreements;
  • international commercial arbitration;
  • tax optimization and planning;
  • assistance in acquiring foreign assets;
  • representation in supranational authorities and in the instances of foreign countries;
  • assistance in choosing the optimal jurisdiction for commercial activities.


Service is not limited to these types of work. We take into account that each business has its own needs and specificity. It is impossible to choose one template solution that suits each company. That is why Lawrange develops an individual development and service strategy for each client.

A lawyer specializing in international law must be equally familiar with the specifics of supranational regulation (at the level of unions of states, such as the EU or the UN), and the nuances of the legislation of a particular country. If you are planning to enter the world market or take advantage of foreign jurisdictions, it is important for you to enlist the support of experienced representatives who have been studying international law for many years.



Consultations on any issues

On the way to the world market or business in another country you will have to face a lot of “foreign” rules. You will have to understand dozens of regulations, and the large share of them is set at the level of interstate unions. However, the questions should not remain unanswered. Only with a clear and complete picture of what needs to be done, you can succeed in foreign cooperation.

Consultation is the main tool for resolving legal issues. A competent lawyer will always be able to easily explain what an entrepreneur needs to open a company abroad or to participate in foreign economic activity.

Consultations from Lawrange representatives perform the main task – they allow you to get answers to any troubling questions, from registering a company abroad to litigation in foreign courts with unscrupulous contractors. If you want to not only become part of international commerce, but also build your reputation and business profits, you should consult with experienced international lawyers.



Tax optimization

If you intend to open a company in a foreign country or expand your markets through the establishment of a territorial subdivision (affiliate or representative office), you must first understand the local tax system. There are no global standards that define mandatory tax liability schemes – each country has its own rules. This creates a significant difficulty for unprepared entrepreneurs who are forced to study the tax laws of a particular country in order to be able to continue doing business. 

It is obvious that without the support of a lawyer it is almost impossible to understand the intricacies of tax regulation, not to mention the choice of the optimal tax system. That is why Lawrange strongly recommends that every entrepreneur seek representation and advice from competent international lawyers.


Our task is to provide you with:

  • transparent information on existing tax liabilities in a particular country;
  • assistance in choosing a tax system;
  • guarantee of tax benefits and other preferences.


If you want to get an accurate picture of tax systems abroad, contact Lawrange. We will consult in detail on any issues and on all nuances.



Due diligence

Do you want to invest in a foreign asset? Do you not know its true value? Competent Due Diligence procedure from Lawrange specialists will help to identify the objective attractiveness of investments in the desired object.


We help:

  • assess investment risks;
  • collect all necessary information about the asset;
  • analyze the feasibility of investments.


Contrary to common misconceptions, Due Diligence can be used not only to evaluate specific investment objects, but also to analyze the benefits of potential cooperation. If you are unsure of the competence and reliability of a foreign partner or want to find an experienced contractor, contact our company. We will collect all the necessary information about your assets, potential agreements and partners.



Analysis and conclusion of contracts

The basis of commercial activity is contracts. Agreements are the main instrument of cooperation not only in a single country, but also in the world market. For this reason, the professional point of view on the concluded agreements is important.


Analysis of contracts from “Lawrange” will allow you to:

  • prescribe the essential conditions correctly;
  • identify weak points with questionable content;
  • clarify the features of certain requirements and conditions.


We develop agreements that include everything you need for your interests, including rights and responsibilities and other important points of cooperation.



Intellectual property registration

There are two procedures for registration of intellectual property rights: national and international. If you operate only within one state or union, the protection of your assets in the national authorities should be considered first.

However, when entering the world market, the situation changes dramatically: your foreign competitors may encroach on your property (software, production technology, etc.). In order to protect such property, the support of a lawyer in international affairs in the field of intellectual property is required.


We will help:

  • register a patent or invention;
  • issue a trademark, logo and other means of identification;
  • confirm your ownership of the intellectual product;
  • recover from competitors for plagiarism;
  • achieve the observance of your interests in supranational bodies.


If you value the intellectual assets of your business, contact competent international lawyers who know the specifics of property registration for inventions, patents and other means of identification.


Advantages of working with us:

  • experienced and cohesive team. We advise, assist and represent your interests in the field of international relations;
  • free analysis. We will provide working options for solving problems;
  • individual approach. We will develop a plan and strategy of representation for the needs of your business;
  • complex nature of work. We provide comprehensive turnkey support;
  • knowledge of the specifics of most foreign jurisdictions and supranational structures;
  • round-the-clock assistance. We work 24 hours a day and are constantly in touch with customers.


Only on the basis of many years of experience and attention to detail you can successfully satisfy the interests of business. The activities of organizations are strictly regulated by a large number of acts, and understanding of the combinations of regulation is a task that can only be done by professionals.

We guarantee fast feedback and competent resolution of any of your issues related to international law. Leave a request on our website to order a free consultation.



The main directions in international law

Part of international cooperation involves one-time support, but there are issues that require comprehensive business support. Lawrange international lawyer is the most sought after in the following areas:

  • support of foreign economic activity of enterprises;
  • registration of companies abroad;
  • opening bank accounts of international companies.


These activities are not a one-time service, but a holistic and comprehensive service that includes direct interaction with foreign authorities, organizations and third parties. It makes no sense to hire a lawyer to prepare documents for business in a foreign country. Another effective solution is to contact an experienced team that will satisfy your interests and guide you through all the procedures to the end result.

 The merchant does not need documents in order to register an affiliate in a foreign jurisdiction. He only needs the result. And it is the correct opening of the territorial unit without problems with the supervisory authorities and delays. This is the task performed by the Lawrange team.



Registration of companies abroad

One of the most popular comprehensive services is opening a business abroad. If you want to start a business abroad, you must first:

  • select the appropriate country;
  • choose the organizational and legal form of the future company;
  • deal with tax liabilities;
  • understand the legislation and requirements of a foreign state;
  • prepare documents;
  • get all the necessary registration certificates.


Obviously, without knowledge of the specifics of local law, you risk delaying the registration process and encountering refusals from the registration authorities. An alternative to self-registration is to contact competent international lawyers to help:

  • select the appropriate jurisdiction for the business;
  • choose a tax system;
  • prepare documents for registration;
  • comply with all legal requirements.


Each country has its own conditions for company registration. There is no single design standard, but there are transactions that must be present when opening a company in any country. In general, the Lawrange team organizes registration according to the following stages:

  • Choosing the name of the organization.
  • Preparation of documentation.
  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate tax system (with benefits and preferences).
  • Lease of legal address.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Collection of information on beneficiaries.
  • Submission of documentation.
  • Obtaining documentary evidence of successful registration.


We work with all jurisdictions around the world, regardless of their specifics of regulation. Moreover, our service directly depends on your preferences. If you want to start a business in developed and stable regions, but with strict legislation, then onshores like the United Kingdom, Germany or the United States are for you. If you intend to take advantage of the maximum tax benefits and reductions from government agencies, you should pay attention to offshore (British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and other countries).

The advantage of Lawrange is that we are professionally engaged in business registration in both offshore and offshore. In order to understand which type of regulation is more advantageous in your situation, it makes sense to make an appointment with us for a consultation. We will talk in detail about the pros and cons of each country.



Opening bank accounts abroad

Accounting for a banking organization abroad is a popular service that must be provided when registering a company. It also applies if you want to own an additional account in a different jurisdiction.


 Opening a bank account with Lawrange is a salvation from:

  • long transactions;
  • bans on withdrawing money;
  • refusals in registration;
  • choosing a reliable institution for storing assets.


The specifics of banking are determined by national authorities. In one country you will be allowed to save money for certain purposes with a minimum of documents, in another it is not allowed. You can use the help of an international lawyer to choose the best place to store your business savings.


Assistance in selecting an institution for a bank account is especially relevant if you are engaged in offshore activities. Example:

  • bookmaking;
  • casino;
  • online exchanges;
  • cryptocurrency services.


These organizations have a lot of restrictions in traditional jurisdictions. In this case, you should pay attention to the “free harbors” like Cyprus.

If you plan to work with reliable banks that have a global reputation and trust, then you should pay attention to European organizations. For example,  Switzerland. It should be understood that in traditional jurisdictions, despite the prestige of keeping funds, there is strict legislation that must be complied with.

The task of Lawrange representatives is to help you open a bank account in any country with the maximum observance of your interests. We will select for you the optimal details and place of storage of assets, depending on the preferences and specifics of the business.



Support of foreign economic activity of enterprises

Many organizations that seek to make more profit and grow their own markets, sooner or later go international and become subjects of foreign economic activity (FEA). But foreign economic activity is a very complex process with many nuances. The following are subject to foreign economic activity:

  • investments;
  • trade;
  • currency transactions;
  • provision of services and performance of works.


Lawrange provides comprehensive business support in the FEA. By contacting us, you get:

  • detailed consultations on currency, customs and local legislation;
  • competent development of draft agreements with foreign partners;
  • representation in foreign economic contracts;
  • resolving issues with customs authorities.


Protective representation is no less important. Lawrange’s international affairs lawyer will help resolve any pre-trial dispute using knowledge of the law and the ability to negotiate business. If the conflict goes to court, our specialist will help you win the case and defend the rights of your business in the supervisory authorities.



Participation in court proceedings

Even in international cooperation, misunderstandings and conflicts cannot be avoided. At the same time, the scale of differences can be estimated in colossal amounts. It is impossible to do without knowledge of national law alone: ​​many large partners and firms are accustomed to contact international arbitration bodies. For this reason, you need an international lawyer who knows the specifics of arbitration at the supranational level.


Together with a Lawrange representative you will be able to:

  • protect your intellectual property rights in accordance with issued Conventions;
  • recover damages from violators;
  • bring to justice competitors who abuse their position;
  • to defend one’s business reputation and image on the world stage.


The name of your business as well as its intelligent products is full assets. We will help protect the company’s values ​​and bring violators to justice according to international standards.



Cost of services in international law

Each business has its own needs and features of doing business. The bookmaker, registered offshore, has completely different requirements than the manufacturing company of a country with English law. That is why it is impossible to know in advance the exact cost of legal services. You need an experienced look at your situation.


The cost of Lawrange services is affected by:

  • the complexity of your case;
  • inquiries;
  • availability of necessary documents;
  • degree of compliance with legal requirements.


To get an objective idea of ​​the price of our service, sign up for a free consultation. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your situation and provide options for resolving it as soon as possible.



Lawrange: International recognition of your business

Lawrange team of international lawyers has been dealing with business abroad for more than 10 years. During this period of work, we have accumulated enough experience and knowledge to promote your interests in any jurisdiction in the world.

Versatility and comprehensive service are the two main principles of our activity. It makes no sense to look for different specialists to help prepare the documentation and then register the company. Everything can be done in one place. Seek advice from Lawrange. We will answer any questions you may have about international law.




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