Opening an account in Poland

Among the advantages of Poland as a financial jurisdiction are the stability of the banking system, favorable tariffs, inexpensive service and low transfer fees, understandable and loyal compliance. Opening an account in Poland provides SWIFT / SEPA payments and the ability to work with any jurisdiction around the world.


To open a corporate account in Poland for international business quickly and effortlessly, you can use the services of the law firm Lawrange. Our competence and experience will effectively solve your problem!


Documents required to open an account in Poland

The package of documents is sent to the selected bank after pre-approval – preliminary approval of the client’s candidacy. The requirements of banks are different. But each required document from the required list is prepared in the original under the apostille. The documentation is translated into Polish and legalized by a local translator with whom our company cooperates.


In the package non-resident must submit to the bank:

  1. Company Corporate Document Set.
  2. Notarized copies of passports of beneficiaries and directors.


Standard forms (questionnaires) are also filled out for submission to a banking institution.


Important! Some banks ask for PESEL (ID number) when opening an account. But the law does not provide for such a requirement.


Which bank is better to choose in Poland?

The best option is selected by a team of AK Lawrange experts depending on the specifics of your business. Open a bank account in Poland at one of the institutions we work with successfully:

  • DNP Paribas Bank
  • Bank Zachodni WBK
  • PKO Bank
  • Santander Bank
  • mBank
  • Millennium Bank


*** Note: This list is not exhaustive and changes from time to time.


Terms of account opening in Poland

As Poland is a member of the European Union, the requirements for any non-resident client are in line with the general rules of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (“Know Your Customer”). Every foreigner is tested, including through personal communication with the bank’s managers.


< Important! It is often impossible to open an account in Poland online. A personal visit of the company’s director or account manager to a banking institution is required.


At the same time, a Ukrainian or other foreign citizen receives a clear and understandable list of questions, the answers to which can be expected to open an account without delay and additional checks. Approximately four weeks after the application is submitted, a visit is made to the bank branch, a service contract is signed, and a corporate card is issued.


*** Note: By default, the currency to which the account is opened is PLN. But it is also possible to open a multi-currency account (EUR, USD, etc.).



Poland belongs to the list of promising and prestigious financial jurisdictions. With the support of AK Lawrange, opening an account in this country is quite fast and comfortable.



How do I open an online bank account?

Condition for opening a bank account is a personal visit. But you can choose a convenient date and time. The visit itself is carried out with our representative.


Which bank in Poland is the most reliable?

Country is characterized by high reliability of the banking system. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a bank based on the specifics of the business.


What do I need to open a bank account?

First of all – your initiative. Contact us for advice, and then you can prepare and submit documents. The service is provided on a turnkey basis, ie requires minimal customer involvement.