Activities in the field of digital marketing and media buying, as well as almost all high-risk businesses require specific payment solutions. In particular, Facebook and Google accept payment for advertising via card, but there is a payment threshold for the account. So it takes a lot of cards to run a lot of ad campaigns. And they have to be cards from trusted banks.


Lawyers Association Lawrange offers a convenient solution for business – opening an account in the USA with the ability to issue an unlimited number of virtual cards. For this you will need to go the following way: 1) register a legal entity in the USA; 2) receive a tax number (EIN) for it; 3) open an account at a bank or payment system; 4) receive a Certificate of Good Standing; 5) finally open another account for the issue of virtual cards. With our support these steps can be passed without complications, delays and with minimal involvement of the client.



Benefits from the mass issuance of virtual cards


There is practically no difference between virtual cards and plastic cards in terms of usage. That is, virtual cards can be conveniently used for online purchases and payment for services, as well as re-issue if necessary. For webmasters, particularly arbitrageurs, payment cards in large quantities is a necessary tool, a kind of expendable, for targeting and other types of advertising. And there is no need to accumulate large amounts of plastic. 


A virtual card is linked to an advertising account, which then provides payment for advertising. Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Unity Ads, and other similar sites have payment settings. If the task is to run dozens of ad campaigns simultaneously from different accounts, you can’t do without a large number of virtual cards.


As practice shows, Facebook often rejects cards due to errors. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of blocking accounts. Some webmasters are faced with the fact that they have to change accounts extremely often. In such circumstances, in order not to lose a powerful source of traffic, you should take care of a sufficient number of cards for backup.


Note! In addition to advertising networks, virtual cards for webmasters – is a convenient way to pay for hosting, subscription, website builder or spy-service. Typically, the payment procedure takes place via SMS confirmation.



Using virtual cards in business


A lot of virtual cards are primarily required in businesses such as traffic arbitrage and advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency trading, online casinos and Forex brokerage services, dating and even SaaS. However, such a solution can also be useful for less risky types of business. For example, it can be used in the hotel and restaurant business, tourism, logistics and shipping companies, advertising agencies, retail and e-commerce. We are talking about the prospect of increasing the profitability of these types of businesses, and below we will tell you how.


Issuing an unlimited number of cards is our recommended solution for organizations that make a lot of payments with counterparties and employees. Using virtual cards and a service to manage them from a team account, you can optimize the distribution of company expenses, control limits and write-offs. This is a great tool for paying:

  • employees’ travel and transportation expenses;
  • hotel and ticket reservations;
  • purchases and deliveries;
  • the services of agents and representatives.


This reduces labor costs for making payments, saves time for the accountant and employees for advance reports. The process of reconciliation of reports and approval of expenses can be automated. Controlling the balance on an employee’s card, setting personal limits and determining incentive budgets is easy. The card can be blocked at any time to increase security.



Flexible card program


Once you’ve completed the five steps mentioned at the beginning and gained access to your company’s personal account in the payment system, a number of prospects open up. You can easily create, manage and scale a commercial card program, as well as approve transactions in real time.

  • Cost control.

It’s important for webmasters to make sure that Facebook or another platform where advertising campaigns are running doesn’t write off too much money. Sometimes, to prevent this from happening, the user sets a limit on the amount of daily card spending. It’s very convenient to solve this problem via a personal account in the payment system.


Note! By tracking card activity in real-time you can optimize and manage your customers’ advertising campaigns more effectively. Receiving systematized data on transactions, you can identify trends and instantly increase productivity, as well as learn about hidden ways to reduce costs.

  • Customized card program settings.

The cards you create will work according to your settings. You can make spending decisions, set spending limits, or assign virtual cards for one-time use. The card program will evolve and grow with the business.

  • Comprehensive administration.

Authorization, as well as decision-making on each payment, is done in real time, providing complete control over card transactions. Control spending, and prevent fraud, by setting spending limits, blocking merchant categories, or creating advanced combinations of rules.

  • Get information about each payment.

You can get information on every payment, whether you use your cards for SaaS, travel, or personal purchases. Transaction reports can be exported for detailed reconciliation for budget control. Budgets can be broken down by customer, by project, by campaign, or even by team to administer by subgroup – easy to manage cards.


Bottom line:

We offer a solution that allows you to issue an unlimited number of cards to a single account. And with exclusive bins (IBAN, International Bank Account Number) of American banks. This solution will be suitable first of all for the activities in the field of digital marketing and media buying, in order to launch traffic to any vertical, without problems paying for ads in Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Unity Ads. It can also be useful for other types of businesses. You can learn more about the possibilities of mass virtual card issuance at our consultation. And how to actually get access to this service we will tell you below.


Registering a company in the USA


Contrary to popular belief, setting up a business in the U.S. for a foreign citizen is not a super complicated task. Despite the fact that the country leads the global fight against tax evasion, in some states there are acceptable tax regimes. You can avoid paying income tax in the absence of real estate and commercial activity in the country. Registering a company in the U.S. solves many problems for business, and the ability to mass produce cards is just one of them.


Note! The choice of the state for the incorporation of the company has an importance for the prospects of business development. Representatives of Lawyers Association Lawrange are ready to help with incorporation in any of the U.S. states. However as an option which is acceptable for the majority of clients we offer registration of the company in the State of Delaware. Under current law here, the tax rate may be 0% if the company has no property and does not conduct activities in the United States. In other cases, the income tax rate is 8.7%.


Other advantages of Delaware include:

  1. a reputation as one of the most popular jurisdictions for setting up a business – more than 1.8 million legal entities are registered here;
  2. the opportunity for company founders to maintain confidentiality – only the name of the registered agent is necessarily disclosed when the documentation for the company is drawn up;
  3. at the request of a foreign entrepreneur, both the registration of the business, and its further management is allowed remotely – without personal presence in the state of Delaware;
  4. consideration of corporate disputes by one of the most respected courts in the world in this field – the Court of Chancery.


Important! To make the jurisdiction attractive to foreign businessmen, the authorities have simplified the procedure for consideration of applications for incorporation. Registration of a legal entity by the Delaware Corporation Division is fast and with minimal requirements.


Most Delaware businesses are incorporated under three legal forms. Let’s look briefly at their characteristics.



Limited liability company (LLC)

American type of limited liability company, which is well suited for start-ups and small businesses, providing a high level of individual control. Activities are regulated by a special contract – the operating agreement. Profits and losses of LLC are transferred to owners’ personal tax returns.



C corporation (C-corp)

This company is owned by shareholders, and the activity is regulated by the Charter. Among the requirements to C-corp are annual meetings of shareholders and filing of annual returns. The profits are first taxed at the corporate level, and then after distribution to the owners in the form of dividends. However, if the priority is to attract investors or provide its employees with compensation in the form of shares, then a corporation is the best option.



S corporation (S-corp)

A form of business that is only available to U.S. citizens. The attractiveness of S-corp lies in the possibility of special tax regime – exemption from paying federal income tax.


To register a legal entity in the United States you will need the following information and documents:

  1. Personal information of the founder or founders and directors – name, surname, place and date of birth, residence address. You will need to provide:

– passport;

– proof of residence in English (bank statements, utility bills, etc.).


***Note 1: Founders and directors of the company in the USA may be citizens of any country, with the exception of citizens of the Russian Federation.


  1. If the founders are legal entities, additional documents should be provided:

– statutory documents, including minutes of the meeting;

– authorization for establishment of a subsidiary enterprise.


  1. Information on the name of the company and a list of activities that the legal entity will carry out.


Note 2: Documents and information are submitted in electronic form, no need to send originals or certified copies.


Note! Company registration under the common procedure takes 1-1,5 months, under the accelerated procedure – 3-4 working days. As a result, the client receives a Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Incorporation, depending on the legal form of the company (specifying the name of the company, address, number of shares or stocks). Also, the company’s statutory documents are included in the package.



Obtaining a tax number in the United States


To open an account with one of the banks in the U.S. (and this is a necessary step to achieve our goal – the possibility of issuing an unlimited number of cards), you must obtain a tax number – EIN (Employer Identification Number). This task can take 1-2 months. If the documentation is done correctly, there are no problems with obtaining a tax number.


An official request to the Federal Tax Service (IRS) is sent online or by fax. Add the Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Formation) to the application. Letter 147C from IRS is a confirmation of receipt of tax number.



Opening an account for a company in the USA


Important! As we mentioned above, to open an account with the payment system with access to the bulk virtual card issuance option, the company must already have a pre-opened account in the U.S.


With the support of Lawrange representatives it is possible to open an account in the USA both at the bank and in the payment system. Often our clients prefer payment systems such as Wise and Payoneer. It takes from one week to one month to open a corporate account.


You will need the following documentation to open a bank account:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation;
  2. Articles of Incorporation or Operating Agreement;
  3. EIN confirmation letter from the IRS;
  1. personal documents of the applicant.


Depending on the banking institution chosen, additional documents and information may be requested. You may also need a U.S. phone number to access online banking. A digital (virtual) number with call forwarding capabilities can be arranged to resolve the issue.



Obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing


Note! A Certificate of Good Standing is a one-sheet document certifying that the business meets the requirements of the state in which it is issued. It is issued by the Division of Corporations with an official seal and stamp and signed by the Secretary of State. All of the necessary steps to obtain the certificate are done by Lawrange representatives – no involvement on the part of the client at this stage is required.


Availability of the Certificate indicates that the company:

  1. is active – not closed, not liquidated, not in bankruptcy and not involved in a merger procedure;
  2. is founded on legal grounds;
  3. complies with all legal obligations;
  4. properly maintained;
  5. filed all reports;
  6. meets the filing requirements of the Secretary of State’s office;
  7. its records in the Division of Corporations are up to date.


The need for a Good Standing certificate usually arises in situations such as:

  • registration as a foreign entity in another jurisdiction;
  • selling a business or entering into a major contract;
  • obtaining a loan or making an investment;
  • license renewal;
  • opening a bank account.


Important! The Certificate of Good Standing can be obtained quickly, within three to four business days. However, since this document determines the current state of the business, it is limited to 30-90 days. That is, it is advisable to use the certificate as soon as you receive it.



Account opening with the possibility of unlimited issue of virtual cards


Lawrange representatives prepare and provide the payment system with all necessary information and documents. In the package:

  1. standard application form;
  2. Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation;
  3. Articles of Incorporation or Operating Agreement;
  4. EIN confirmation letter from the IRS;
  5. statement of Corporate Account;
  6. Certificate of Good Standing;
  7. personal documents of the applicant.


We prepare and send additional documents or information upon request. We negotiate with the payment system support team during account opening and answer questions, if any. The account opening procedure is completed within a week or two.


As a result, you get access to the personal cabinet of the company (web-version and application), where you can:

  • manage your own funds;
  • replenish the account;
  • create an unlimited number of virtual cards;
  • allocate them depending on your budget needs;
  • instantly block and freeze cards online. 


Important! The platform is free, without any commissions or hidden fees.


Cost of connecting a mass virtual card issuance service in the U.S.


Lawrange’s legal support for connecting a full virtual card issuance service in the US includes the following steps:

  • Registration of the company in the USA
  • Opening an account in Wise / Payoneer or another payment system
  • Receiving a Good Standing Certificate for the company
  • Account opening for unlimited issuing of virtual cards in the USA


Full cost of maintenance of this service by our lawyers is 2990 USD.





Solving the problem of mass production of virtual cards for digital marketing, media buying and other types of business is quite realistic. Lawyers Association Lawrange team offers a way that has been tested and works. What’s more, we’re talking about getting credentials with a good reputation that will be accepted for advertising payments in Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Unity Ads and so on without a problem.


Issuing an unlimited number of virtual cards in the USA is a future-proof solution that will enable stable business instead of constant worries about the inaccessibility of payment facilities. Thanks to the support of our representatives all details and nuances of documentation will not be a burden on your shoulders. You will simply receive a complete set of documents for your company and access to the cabinet in the payment system which you can start working with immediately. You can clarify any unclear points with us during the consultation!





How many virtual cards can be issued by using your service?

There are no limitations. You can issue and reissue as many virtual cards as you want.



Do I have to go to America to get access to mass card issuance?

No. All steps in our service are done remotely. In particular, a registered agent is engaged to register the company.



What is the cost of getting access to issuing an unlimited number of virtual cards in the U.S.?

You can find out the cost of the service by sending a request. Consider that we are also talking about registering a business in the USA, opening a corporate account, obtaining a taxpayer number and a Good Standing certificate. This can be used to solve many business problems.