Opening an account in Georgia

Positions of Georgian jurisdiction in the international arena are strengthening, helped by the favorable investment climate in the country and the stability of the banking system. In addition, Georgian banks offer clients lower service fees than in the EU and even CIS countries.


If you are interested in opening an account in Georgia, attorneys company Lawrange can help you. Our experience with Georgian bankers allows us to achieve the desired result.



The process of opening an account in Georgia

With the support of Lawrange it is possible to open an account in Georgia remotely. Without visiting a bank branch it is possible to open an account at the Bank of Georgia. The possibility of remote account opening at other banks will be considered personally.


Note! The most important step is a compliance check of the client with the provided documents and information.


After that the procedure of signing of account service agreement follows. The account details in international IBAN format are indicated directly in the agreement.



Preparation of documents for opening an account in Georgia

To open an account in a bank in Georgia for a legal person, you have to submit a standard package of documents:

  • Articles of Association, Minutes of Shareholders’ Meeting, Extract from the Register of Legal Entities, Resolution on Appointment of the Director;
  • IDs of the founders and the management (director) together with proof of address (to confirm the physical address, for example by a recent utility bill);
  • completed bank questionnaires.



Choosing a bank to open an account in Georgia

Georgian banks combine reliability and loyalty to non-residents:

  • a foreigner can open a personal account in several currencies at once, make payments through online banking, and withdraw cash from ATMs outside Georgia;
  • for a non-resident company a corporate bank card is issued, acquiring services and access to simplified SWIFT transfers are provided.



The easiest way to open an account in Georgia for a non-resident  is with TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, Tera Bank or Silk Road Bank. At the same time, TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia are the market leaders in banking services in the country, concentrating more than 70% of all assets.



Professional support from Lawrange 

As Georgia works closely with the EU and the US, the country’s bankers strive to follow international requirements for anti-money laundering and tax optimization. Each potential client undergoes a comprehensive check that lasts more than a day.


Note! At this stage two issues are important: 1) preparation of documentation (every document must be executed correctly); 2) correct communication with bankers. By engaging Lawrange’s experts, you can close both issues and, as a result, open an account with a bank in Georgia without complications.



The cost of opening an account in Georgia

A cost estimate is provided upon request, which you can leave via the feedback form.




Georgia is a country with a favorable climate for business registration and bank account processing. In particular, remote mode is allowed for these tasks.




Opening an account in a Georgian bank – time frame?

If pre-approved by the bank, the account can be opened within 1-2 working days.



Would you like to know more about opening a Georgian bank account?

If so, please contact a Lawrange employee during business hours. You can get a knowledgeable answer to any legal question.



What is the safest bank in Georgia?

The country’s biggest banks, TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia have excellent reputations. With them non-residents may well open an account in Georgia.