Registration of a brokerage company, especially related to the Forex exchange, has a large number of nuances and pitfalls. The main question that visits every businessman is the choice of a suitable jurisdiction. It is worth considering the most attractive countries and their advantages for opening a Forex exchange.


What are the criteria for selecting a country?

The main factors are as follows:

  • legality of brokerage;
  • security and stability of exchange transactions;
  • market development;
  • ease of design;
  • the international reputation of the jurisdiction.


Obviously, you should not choose a jurisdiction where the legality of exchange trading is constantly under a big question from the state. The legislator must explicitly allow and not interfere with Forex trading.


The second point is the predictability of jurisdiction. First of all, it is expressed in the stability of exchange transactions. If a market is just emerging in the country and there are no additional guarantees, then it is better to look at other options.


The next criterion is the ease of registration. Few people have a desire to constantly interact with government agencies and undergo unnecessary checks within 6 months. And all this is just to open a company. It is recommended to choose jurisdictions in which the registration procedure is quick and easy.


The last factor concerns the country’s international reputation. First of all, this applies to offshore companies. Some “tax havens” have a dubious image on the world stage, which will directly affect the name of the broker. At the same time, you shouldn’t discount all offshore companies – there are places where you can open a forex company and not worry about your reputation.


Separate issue: organizational and legal form

The most popular are the following organizational and legal forms of a forex broker:

  • Ltd;
  • IBC;
  • LLP;
  • LLC.


Ltd (Limited) is the most popular form in the English legal system. A broker who decides to open a Ltd may hope to receive tax incentives if it operates outside its “native” jurisdiction (examples are Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia). There are practically no significant drawbacks to this form, with the exception of reporting and accounting requirements.


IBC is a specific form that, in practice, is the most demanded in offshores. This is a type of international company that operates exclusively outside the country of registration. For example, when you open an IBC in the Marshall Islands, the broker will only be able to work in other markets.


LLP is a limited partnership. This form is in demand in jurisdictions with a high reputation (for example, in the UK). An LLP is great for brokers looking to operate within the European Union.


LLC is a kind of “hybrid” between LLP and Ltd. The key characteristic of this form is its “external” orientation. Suitable for a forex broker who has more than 1 beneficiary and resident status in the country of registration.


Among all the listed forms, two are the most relevant – these are IBC and Ltd. In offshores, the first option is popular, in official jurisdictions, the second. Which one to give preference depends entirely on the wishes of the broker himself. If the goal is to become a reliable market player and operate in a prestigious jurisdiction, then it makes sense to pay attention to Ltd. IBC is an offshore option that is primarily suitable for maximizing profits, but not reputation.


License is the main factor

To conduct brokerage activities on the Forex exchange from a specific country, you need not only to register a company, but also to take care of the timely registration of a license. The problem is that virtually every jurisdiction has its own licensing requirements. Examples:

  • CFTC or NFA – in the USA;
  • CySEC – in Cyprus;
  • ASIC – Australia;
  • FSP – New Zealand;
  • FCA – Great Britain.


Ease of obtaining a license and its status is one of the key factors in choosing a suitable jurisdiction. Some permits are issued within six months, while others can be issued without problems in a couple of months. It is worth considering which countries are ideal for opening a Forex broker, taking into account all the above conditions.


Obviously, in order to obtain a license, it is highly recommended to contact professional lawyers who know the specifics of a particular jurisdiction and understand the time frame for obtaining the coveted permission.


British Virgin Islands

The BVI can be a great place to start a Forex broker due to the speed of registration. It will take about 3 months to obtain an FSC license, which cannot be called a long period. The British Virgin Islands are in demand with brokers targeting the European market. However, it should be borne in mind that there are serious registration requirements:

  • local office;
  • number of directors – from 2 people;
  • the minimum amount of the authorized capital – from 250,000 USD.


The BVI is a reputable offshore company. This means that there will be no risk of loss of image when operating from the islands.



Cyprus is fully committed to cooperation with the EU. This jurisdiction is an ideal candidate for a forex broker who dreams of working in Europe. A tangible plus of registration is the possibility of direct registration of clients’ deposit accounts. There are also requirements:

  • local office;
  • at least 3 directors;
  • regular reporting.


Forex brokers in Cyprus operate under the popular CySEC license. It is important to understand that this regulation is constantly being updated, and therefore the company will have to regularly adjust to new requirements.



This jurisdiction is the financial center of Asia. Recently, she began to willingly accept into her own ranks and forex brokers. Its key features:

  • colossal A +++ credit rating;
  • GFCI membership;
  • there is a supervisory authority in the person of MAS, which does not allow violations.


Brokerage in Singapore automatically means high prestige, but it is important to understand that in this jurisdiction there is a separate regulatory body MAS, the regulations of which will have to constantly adapt.


Lawrange: assistance in choosing a jurisdiction for a forex broker

If you are planning to open a Forex broker, but have not yet decided on the country of registration, then contact Lawrange. Our representatives:

  • will provide detailed advice for each country;
  • will give advice on the choice of jurisdiction;
  • will prepare the necessary documents for registration;
  • ensure that all requirements for obtaining a brokerage license are met.


Lawrange is a team of specialists that has been helping Forex brokers for several years to find a reliable jurisdiction to carry out profitable activities. First of all, we pay attention to the stability and loyalty of the state to brokerage operations. Together with our representatives, you will never find yourself in a problem situation. Rely on the professionalism of Lawrange – find the best place to open a Forex broker.



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